Vladimir Ginzburg

"Cafe" New York
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"Windows" New York
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I was born in St.Petersburg, Russia. I enjoyed looking at paintings since I remember myself, was visiting Hermitage, Russian Museum and all other places where I could see something painted in St.Petersburg. During my teenage years I photographed everything that I could, and printed photographs in the makeshift darkroom in the bathroom. I immigrated to Israel in 1979 and was astonished by the strong colors and blinding light of the sun. I could not afford the camera and making photographs the same way I was doing in Russia but the urge put everything what I saw on paper was irresistable. I started drawing, thanks to the fact that papers and pencils were cheap enough in Israel. I started taking drawing and painting courses, trying to paint whenever I could. I moved to New York in 1989, where I continued studying painting. My first group show was in 1993, my first solo show was in 1996. At the present time I live in New York City.

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