Christian Gerber

alais Fefo

Le Matelassier
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La Fee Paisible
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Dream Spot
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La Cite en 2D
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Petite Soeur de l'ouverture Desfile
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Christian Gerber was born in Paris in 1966. He holds both French and Swiss nationality.

After education in Paris, he received a BA in Industrial Design at the Pasadena College of Design in Montreux, Switzerland.

Extensive traveling and some years participating in a group of musicians as a saxophonist matured him to choose and dedicate himself wholly to painting.

Besides participating in some group exhibitions, he held two one-man exhibitions in December 97 and August 98 in the center of Paris at the Astrolab Gallery. He also paints under the name FeFo.

At Ocean Hotel in Trouville-Deauville, France, he created an entire wall painting as a commission from the hotel.

He now lives and works in and old farmhouse in a small village, Manneville la Pipard in Normandy, France.

His main feature is his high capacity of inovation that brings him naturally to abstract expressions in colorful paintings.

He can be reached in the United States at Phone/Fax 212 460-9744
E - Mail :

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