Luiz Filho

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In his artistic journey he has showed expressionist tendencies. His methods include using drawings, ink through water, and oil on canvas and painting as his ways of expression. Althrough recently influenced by his professor Marlene Godoy, he has begun working with encaustic medium, which has been fascinating for him.

Complementary University Studies at Universidade de Brasilia:

Sculpture -- Professor Nivalda Assuncao, MA
Anatomical Drawing -- Professor Sergio Ruiz Dutra, Ph.D.
Applied Anatomy -- Professor Yolanda Galenda Galeno, Ph.D.
Painting Studies -- Professor Marlene Godoy.


United Exhibition of Sculpture at Universidade de Brasilia-1998
United Exhibition "Terra Brasilis" at Teatro Nacional de Brasilia -1999
United Exhibition of Painting at Universidada de Vicosa 1999

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