June Edwards

Carrie Furnance 12
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CarrieFurnace 2
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Furnace Machine 2
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Furnace Structure 4
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Furnace Structure 3
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Rooftop Pipes I - 2
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Structured Images

Artist Statement

My current work is an exploration of abandoned industrial architecture. The hulking, rusted forms of a decaying steel mill near Pittsburgh initially attracted my attention because they were so visually interesting. This subject contains all of the elements of the language of art. I am primarily concerned with manipulating the shapes, textures and color to create dynamic statements: the original functions of my subject are obscured. I combine parts of many images into intricate and sometimes dimensional arrangements.

As an artist, my intention is to create visually compelling collage compositions, but I also want to acknowledge the labor-intensive phase of a once vibrant and powerful industry. The expressive potential became apparent while I cut and manipulated images of the massive forms into mixed media arrangements. The buildings and structures have long lost their vitality, but I can imagine the energy that was once there - the human effort required to build and operate these abandoned industrial places. My artwork is a tribute to what is left of old technology and function.

E-Mail: june.edwards@sru.edu

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