Kevin M. Early

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First Fight
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Artist Statement

Painting #1 - The Couple on the Beach
Title: New.
This painting portrays new love in all its splendor. The couple, ambiguous in gender, is sharing a sunset together. Line plays a very important role in this piece. The organic lines that provide the contour for the couple's bodies are non-descript, and flow from one to the other. They are united and obviously content. The warm colors of the sunset bouncing off the couple's silhouette creates a tranquil mood. The composition is probably the most important element of this painting. It unites my use of line with the overall theme. With the subjects in the center looking at one another, the viewer's gaze is drawn directly to the center of the canvas -- and out onto the horizon.

Painting #2 - Couple with Arms Outstretched
Title: First Fight.
This painting illustrates the feelings of frustration and detachment that a couple feels after having their first fight. I explored the complexity found in relationships while using very basic shapes - the circle, rectangle, and oval. The stick-figure like quality is a projection of the simplicity in nature that a couple feels when they first become a couple. However, when that first fight occurs things quickly become very complicated. The subject in the foreground has her arms outstretched and her back to the figure in the background whose arms are outstretched as well -- yet they cannot seem to reach one another. Once again, I explored the use of basic lines and shapes on their faces to illustrate the pain and confusion that they are feeling.

Painting #3 - The Abstract Couple
Title: Longevity
This painting with its rhythmic, abstract quality--represents a couple that has been together for a very long time. Their postures are upright, yet unassuming with a clear amount of confidence and ease. I explored the use of color in this piece--combining abstract expressionist influences with a primitive feel. The couple's bodies are only distinguishable from one another and the background by a simple outline that defines their forms. This illustrates that their beings are totally synonymous with one another, and the life that they have built around themselves. Despite an intentional repetition of brushstrokes throughout the entire canvas, I have allowed the painting to breathe. The subjects have definition, and the broad palate of colors allows the viewer's eyes to dance around the canvas, while not losing focus on the couple that so completely illustrates the contentment found in Longevity.

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