Lise des Greniers

Beautiful Bird

Leaping Anadromes




Young Girl

Artist Statement

Born and adopted in 1954 (Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada). Lise grew up as an only child in a family whose beliefs were intertwined with the paranormal. In her quest of the human essence, she developed an interest in social sciences. She holds a masters degree in political sciences at the University of Ottawa, and has done studies in the religious sciences masters program at Universite Laval. In 2001, she learned the art of oil painting with Ayfer Gursoz. As she was still passionate about politics and actively involved at the time, she had not considered art as a career. In 2015, she finished her 6 years of study in clinical psychoanalysis at Ecole Freudienne du Quebec (GIFRIC), this resulted is the major turning point and morph in new career in 2016.

Through her works of art, she aims to instill life into her art so that the observer may experience colors and movements. Without a cue or a precise shape to guide her, she let her subconscious express itself through the combination of torn papers. The colourful movements are elemental and will give rise to a shape which, combined with the line markings, release the subject which, until that moment, remained in the abstract realm for its relative lack of form, yet detectable in its subtlety. Then, as the lines define the limits, the form gives motion to the subject to allow the work of art to reveal itself in all the splendor of its beauty and movement.


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