Iwona Dufaj

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Interruption-in Time
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In contrast to mindless "shock and awe" tactics so commonly seen in today's art, intended to manufacture controversy, Iwona Dufaj's carefully wrought images act as triggers, evoking a range of universal human emotions, acting as therapy on canvas. Regardless of sex, race, or station in life, the imagery connects us on a basic level to the human experience.

We are inevitably visited by unforseen circumstances - painful, yet precious - that test our emotional limits and open our eyes to the raw truth of existence. These sudden interruptions change our paths and are imprinted in our memories, reappearing throughout our lives.

In this, her first public exhibition, Iwona Dufaj intricately transforms oil and plaster into textured dreamlike depictions of the powerful interruptions that shape our reality.


E-MAIL: iwona@rogart.com
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