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You may contact Ms. Davitian at this address:

I was born in 1983 February 14, in the small town Artik, Armenia. I finished the local secondary school and entered the Yerevan State University in 1999. In 2003 I graduated from the YSU, the Romance and Germanic Faculty, the English llanguage department with diploma with honour.

Now I am working in the " Institute for Democracy and Human Rights", in Armenia.

I began painting from an early age, but this type of painting came over me as a miracle in 2001. Now I am doing it as a demand of soul and heart, not as a job.

My paintings speak about human nature, show the depth of a soul, point the limits of a mind and find the mysteries of a heart. They are my view , my echo to this life.

I hope they can bring light and laughter, take the shadows of a smile away, make you happy and free. Good luck with them!

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