Corinne Didisheim


Free at Last
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Main en Voyage
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Spring Birth
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Eternal Waves
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Desert Shimmer
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Shadow Boxes

The theme of my work focuses on the spirit; involving transformation, movement, and creation. In short, the life cycles in the spiritual journey of Soul.

As sounds, notes and rythms in music communicate, so I create visually with explorations of shapes, color, texture and movement to make spiritual 'scapes.'

My work invites the viewer to experience what he or she wants by resonating with its universal elements, yet at the same time being free to relate to it with the force of their own experience.

Corinne Didisheim was born in 1950 in NYC. She has traveled and lived abroad in Europe, the Caribbean, and South America. She now resides in St Louis MO where she teaches art to adults and children and works as a free-lance artist. Her artwork is in varied media, such as printmaking on hand-made paper, enameling, bookarts, and orgami.


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