Maryellen Considine

Havana Cuba Series (top)
Roxbury Falls Series circa 1950 (bottom)

Buitres en Vuelo
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El Ojo del Buitre
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El Buitre Y La Flor

Aunt Helen

The Sapaug River

Uncle Joe


The Havana Cuba Series
While visiting Cuba on a humanitarian mission, I was awed by the brilliance of the vegetation and by the majestic behavorior of the vultures in their natural envirnment.

The Roxbury Falls Series, circa 1950
Among my most cherished memories are those times spent at my uncle's cabin near Roxbury Falls CT. I can still see my Aunt Helen, the matriarch of our family, welcoming all with her loving smile and open arms; my Uncle Joe, gazing beyond his beloved falls, 'master of all he surveyed,' and myself, at home among the sheltering trees, worn rocks and crystal water.

"While engaged in making art, it is not unusual for me to arrive at a state that might be likened to a meditative one. This shift in consciousness seems to facilitate a cascade of thoughts and feelings that become embodied in the work, and enables the design, palette, and rendering to evolve."

Maryellen Considine-Woolley has been a member of Ward-Nasse Gallery (Soho) in NYC since 1987. Among other venues, her work has been exhibited at Carol Peck's Good News Cafe, Woodbury, CT; Ward-Nasse Gallery (Chelsea); PAAM, Provincetown, MA; Art In The Hallway Gallery, 300 George, New Haven, CT; Art Shack Gallery, Cheshire, CT; Seaside Gallery, Nags Head, NC; the Legislative Building at the State Capitol, Hartford, CT; Montserrat Gallery, NYC; James Chapel, Union Theological Seminary, NYC; Macy Gallery, Teachers College, Columbia University; Southern Connecticut State University, New Haven, CT; International Festival of Arts, New Haven, CT; Connecticut Classic Arts, Fairfield, CT.

She received her BS and MS degrees from SCSU, and also studied at Paier College of Art, The School of Visual Arts, and The Art StudentŐs League. She earned a Doctorate in Art Education with a concentration in painting from Columbia University. An art instructor for over thirty years, she is presently affiliated with Southern Connecticut State University. She resides in Cheshire, CT.

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