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Daren Chambers was born in the Bronx, New York of mixed African American and Puerto Rican descent. Unforntauly at birth he was born with a birth defect. He is legally blind in his left eye, but that doesnŐt stop him from his artistic ability. He is a 3rd generation artist. His grandfather also studied art at the Arts Students League and exhibited at the Studio Museum in Harlem. A self-taught artist, he has been painting since the age of six and soon became convinced that painting was his destiny. To persue his passion, he began formal art training at the High School of Art and Design for two years, then finished his last two years at Mount St. Micheal Academy. He was the first to design the baskeball team logo for the Mountaineers at Mount St. Micheal Academy.

He also brought his art to the masses through art designs on clothing. He has created body of work in which he uses an unusual mix media and techniques to create two and three dimensional pieces. The theme is jazz music. He calls his series of paintings, Jazz Formula. A formula that he discovered within himself. It is seeing jazz with exploding striking colors, texture that represents rhythm, movement and energy- laden hues to create his own style.

He studied at the School of Visual Arts in New York City. His exhibitions credits included School of Visual Arts Gallery in New York City; Washington Carver Bank in New York City; Art Plaza in New York City; Focal Piont Gallery in City Island; Jadite Galleries in New York City; Ward-Nasse Gallery in New York City. Participated in Co-op City fairs and taught art to children with disabilities at the Bronx Alternative Special Education School in the Bronx. He has been featured in Co-op City News, Co-op City Times, Bronx News, Parkchester News, The Black Star News, Clinton Chronicle newspaper ,Gallery Guide Magazine and Art in America 2005-2006 Guide. His media credits include local cable television, Bronx Channel 12 News, Public Access Channel 68 in the Bronx and artwork on the set of an independent movie called Pandemonium, filmed by James Gillard.

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