Diane Lynne Chanako

Avenue of the Giants
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Jacaranda Tree
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The Night, Seen
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The Years
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E-mail: dchanako@mac.com

"I am a lover of the beautiful. I am a dreamer with visions. My work is a record of my spiritual, intellectual, and emotional journey through life. My artistic instinct is alive, investigative, and progressive. Accurate representation of Nature, blended with symbolism, breathes life into my art. My art, then, is old and new. Old with appreciation of the achievements and discoveries of the past, and new, as I seek interpretations significant for succeeding ages. I am an artist who embraces the classical values of Knowledge, Truth, Reason, Beauty, Nature, Simplicity, and God."

Diane has been a serious artist since the age of 5. She studied at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts in Philadelphia, and the Philadelphia College, receiving a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. In 1976, Diane Lynne Chanako won the Gold Medal of Honor from the American Watercolor Society's 109th exhibition held at the National Academy of Design in New York, the painting is titled, "The Years". Through this show she met Chen Chi, Chinese Master, and studied with him, gaining an eastern approach and understanding in art. Diane had two private critiques with world-renowned Art Historian and Professor Emeritus from Colombia University, Meyer Schapiro, who in a letter called her "A Master of her craft". Other prizes Diane has been awarded include the Cadwalder Prize for Landscape, the Packard Prize, the Franklin Watkins Grant, the Sklar Prize for Figure Drawing, and the Catherine Grant Memorial Prize.

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