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raising children is like being in the jungle with jane goodall, getting a worm's eye view of what it means to be a human being, what it means to be a part of the chain of human evolution, seeing the ultimate game of king of the hill that is ingrained in us all. i use life size abstract figures to capture the emotional swirl of family life, transforming basic human struggles into vibrant collisions of color.

i am pleased to finally pursue my artistic career full time. i have taken a long, winding road to get here. i was raised in a blue collar chicago suburb. i'm not sure i would have known there was such a thing as art had it not been for a bit of serendipity. the house i was raised in was built for a locally well known artist, a woman yet. i not only knew there was art, i knew there were successful, powerful women. and i knew it was at the other end of the expressway. still, curiosity took me many places. i zig-zagged through many work and educational experiences, studying math and science in community college, serving 3 years as a union apprentice carpenter, and working in a wide variety of jobs. i didn't enter the school of the art institute until age 27. then in my junior year i took a 15 year maternity leave.

i think it is essential always to live a life worth making art about. raising a family has proved fertile territory for images of vital experiences, painful and blissful alike. the time squeeze of motherhood has been like a pressure cooker for artistic ideas. for many years i could work only on things that were irrepressible. in addition to honing my artistic skills, i sunk my roots into my community. i took a one way trip on that expressway, and now live in the rogers park neighborhood of chicago. i still have that small town awe for this city, and think it is a true microcosm of human culture. it is the most livable city on the planet. after 20 years here, it is my hometown. i am nailing down my little corner of it, getting my classic greystone ready for her second century, and teaching in a neighborhood arts center. it is important for me to have a place, a solid platform that allows self exposure, and a firm footing to explore the new.

i always get a little green when someone says they have been doing something all their lives. the only thing i have been doing all my life is trying new things. but this is what i have found in art - there are always artistic and design challenges waiting to be tackled. i enjoy commissions and collaboration, chewing on new problems, exploring new processes, meeting new challenges.

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