Jenn Connell

Mountain Lake
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Blue Mist
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Fleeting Thought
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School Daze
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You Are Here
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Weather Vane
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JENN CONNELL is a fine artist and graphic designer with a degree from Bard College, Annandale - on - Hudson. She now lives in Historic Brooklyn Heights, N.Y., where she designs presentations, posters, invitations, and logos enhanced by original illustrations. She also offers REALIST ART on canvas and art board.

Her subjects come from a love of children and commercial art. It comes from hours of flipping through magazines and studying the advertisements more then the articles and then making art out of objects not usually considered such. Using bottle caps and clothing tags, as well as traditional subjects like still lifes and landscapes.

Jenn's goal is to take realism as far as she can. She challenges herself to recreate the bright eye catching colors, glossy images or glass and water with the clarity of a photograph. If you have a favorite photo or clipping that you have saved, perhaps of your home, vacation, family, or favorite painting, Jenn can reproduce it as a commission on canvas for your home, office or as a unique gift for that special someone.

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