Clara Cohan

The Humanity Series

Domino Players
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Lady in Pink
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Man on Steps
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Reading the Times
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Philosophy: I believe that Art should enrich and inspire the life of the viewer and serve a vast majority of the people by offering a valuable perspective about life.

The people that I paint are presented in their natural, everyday settings. They are going about their daily patterns and I am able to capture a moment in time when they seem to be in a place of serenity, even when surrounded by the ever- present pace of the city or involved in work. I paint people from all walks of life, presenting a view that dignifies the spirit of diversity and individuality. I want people to see a reflection of themselves that is positive. My paintings of people serve the global culture to that end. I bring out the unique individuality of each person, the beauty of their presence, how everyday movements can be full of grace, and when viewed as a whole, that diversity of human nature is a gift that decorates and enhances our world.

An important note to my approach in creating each painting is that I paint only that which I personally experience. I work primarily from sketches that I do on the streets , using photos only for back-up reference. I find it important to “know” not only the people I paint, but the background locations so that the shapes and objects that make up the backdrop will be symbolically recognizable.

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