Joseph Coniglio

Granted Blessing of Love
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Ancient Reawaking
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Educational & Professional Experience

Sheridan College of Applied Arts-Illustration

Onterio College of Art-Fine Arts, Sculpture Major

Independant Studies Pietra Santa, Italy Honors

Working full time in Sculpture, Bronze and Marble since 1985

Member of the Sculpture's Society of Canada since 1988

Group Exhibitions

Represented by Agora Gallery New York City, 1999

The Internet Show Ward-Nasse Gallery, 1999

Sculpture's Society of Canada 70th Anniversity, John B. Aird Gallery 1998

Joseph D. Carrier Gallery, Dal Progetto All' Opera 1996

S.S.C. The City John B. Aird Gallery 1995

Chagall's Sheraton Hamilitan 1994

New York International Art Competition, Award of Excellence 1988

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