Julio Contreras

The Regency of Venus
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detail The Regency of Venus
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detail The Regency of Venus
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Yo Solo Soy Yo
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Julio Contreras is an architect living and working in Caracas, Venezuela. He has a post graduate degree in the Theory of Architecture from The Universidad Central de Venezuela, Caracas and has been in private practice since 1979 in architectural design mainly in housing and school buildings. He is also a professor of Form and Design at Colegio Universitario in Caracas. His statement on his art work follows:

"This group of installations are inspired by the constant relationship between two essential concepts of human existence: the permanent and the non-permanent seen though the eyes of the dweller of the cosmopolitan city.

These works are a metaphoric representation of the intimate contact of the artist with duel experience, where the coexistence of opposites, namely changeability and unchangeability behave as a whole. These experiences, which come about through the externalization of inner energies are manifested in each and every one of our daily acts, and correspond in our condition of existence as human beings.

From the esthetic point of view, my installations feature a group of signs that can be interpreted either as archetype or worship symbols. Straight and curved lines, circular, square, triangular, and cross shapes, as well as vertical horizontal and inclined positions, lead us to the intellectual and spiritual spaces full of significance.

The materials used such as steel, glass, concrete and photographs introduce the urban environment that features the continious, urge and hopeless process of transformation of reality. In synthesis, each work features a scenery of urban structure, representing a specific internal energy that flows out, reflecting the everlasting quality of change."

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