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Breger, at 80 years old, continues to make art. He works predominately in a mood of life - affirmation : joyous, humorous, playful, sometimes serious and serene. Although he does drawings on rectangular paper, all his major works are paintings on cutout - shapes of masonite.


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1920 - April 1st - Born in Brooklyn, New York - Grew up under influence of the artist Alex Dobkin and his circle of artist friends. Experienced New York City's great museums and galleries.

1937 - 1941 : Attended City College of New York & graduated with a BSS .

1942 - 1946 : Served in World War II, and continued to paint while in the service.

1946 - 1948 : Lived in New York City, painted & studied at Art: Students League. Married and had his first child.

1949 - 1950 : Taught Art in Whitman College, Walla Walla, Washington.

1950 - Moved to San Francisco, and got a job as window display artist at Macy's.

1954 - 1963 : Worked as art teacher at Lick-Wilmerding High School. Worked with his students to become one of the originators of light shows. Their light show, "PROG", was performed on stages throughout the Bay Area including U.C Berkeley's Greek Theater. Had his second child.

1955 - Art Director for San Francisco Actor's Workshop

1962 - Received MFA degree from California College of Arts and Crafts in Oakland CA.

1963 - 1966 : Taught Art at San Francisco State University.

1966 - HAD A VISIONARY ART EXPERIENCE while visiting the cave paintings at Lascaux and Altamira in the course of an art trip through Europe. From that time on, Breger stopped painting within rectilinear boundaries. He has let the subjects of his paintings spill out onto the walls they inhabit. They run, leap, dance, amble, fly, lounge, or simply stand in pensive meditation. Worked on stiff boards, cut along the contours of the painted forms, his art-creatures interact with their environment and the viewer in a way that art caught in a rectangular 'window' is unable to do.

1964 - 1978 Part-time Art - Therapist at Crystal Springs Rehab Center, San Mateo, CA

1964 - 1982 Part-time Art teaching at College of San Mateo, CA

1978 - 1985 Art Therapist with Mt. Zion Geriatric Home Visit Program

1965 - 1995 Taught Art for U.C. Extension Correspondence School

1967 - to Present: leads several monthly Master-Class art critique groups


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