Renate Busse

Free Artist Since 1971

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Fruit Sold Here
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The Artist Herself
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Fresh Fruit growing since 1998 (actually it is not finished-fruit always keeps growing.)

The material for these objects comes from the grocery, the market 'round the corner.

IT IS TRASH (or would be!) The material of the wooden boxes, with it's colorful naive pictures and the different types of letters and scripts attracts me to ART-RECYCLING.
All kinds of fruit and vegtables travel round the globe, packed in these boxes.
The language of the pictures is international-everybody can understand it-MODERN HIEROGLYPHS.
Funny hieroglyphs-easy to understand,full of joy.
Surprising, how many transformations are posible with these different fruit boxes. They change into tiny theatres, funky baskets full of fruit, and back again to little stores, that the boxes origionally came from.
The boxes are put together with tiny tacks like the origionals themselves.
To be eaten as soon as possible.

Renate Busse was born in 1941 and studied art at the Academy of Fine Arts, Stuttgart.

The artist currently lives and creats in Schorndorf near Stuttgart, Germany. Her works have been shown at many exhibitiobns and galleries through out Germany, France, Portugal, and currently in New York.

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