Jean Bourque

Flower City
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Parellel and Vine
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Out Of The Box
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Neon and Wine
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In bright, lively colors Jean Bourque brings you a portfolio of art created with an intuitive sense of design.

Jesn Bourque,a former framed art manufacturer's rep has traveled throughout America, and grew up in MA and CA. Bourque's interest in art began as a child watching seashore artists paint every summer on Cape Cod. Later, in San Francisco, visits to museums and galleries, further fueled that interest. Other artists in the family include the late Conrad Talbot,a popular oil painter from MA, Tim McDonald of Providence, RI,and Michael Greaney of Portland, Oregon.

Bourque states, "My inspirations come from meditation, music, art and drama. Many times talking with other artists has added to my motivation to create. My work with Guy Lipscomb, a very distinguished Southern artist and former national art workshop instructor, has contributed to an experimental approach in technique and design."

Bourque originals are represented in New York City in Soho at Ward- Nasse Gallery and Agora Gallery. Jean's work is also represented at R-Trade Gallery in the Netherlands, as well as Firehouse Gallery in Borderstown, NJ; Period Gallery in Omaha, NE; and City Art Gallery in Columbia, S.C. In addition, the art may be viwed on the Internet at several Websites.

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