Hugo Brice

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Frederic Hugues Brice Chaudiere was born in 1963 in Dieulefit France. From ages 5 to 9 he was confined in a medical institute and shared life with 50 psychotic children. In 1983 he entered the International School of Violen Making In Newark UK. In 1989 and 1992 he was awarded the first prize at the Maurice Vieux sound competition for the viola in Paris. Over 250 of his instruments are played in major orchestras of Japan, UK, Germany, France, Finland, Russia, Australia, Israel, Italy, and the USA.

He began making sculpture in 1994. The pieces that he calls Indigenes are made of ceramic and old pieces of oak. They are part of a tribe that stand around a violen: stupefied indigenes staring for hours at a smothly rotating fiddle.

Every evening, a man steps in the circle, grasps the fetish and amazes the group with divine music.

Mr Brice may be reached at 2 rue de la Merci 34000 Montpellier France. Phone : (33) 67 92 73 41. Fax : (33) 67 92 73 48.

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