Anthony Austin

Saved by Grace
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Int'l Day
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Where you There? (John 1:3)
(John 1:3)

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The Forerunner
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The Sound of Light
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Lord, Consume Me
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Artist Statement

W.A.V. ... Arts (Without a Vision the People Perish)

by Anthony Austin a.k.a. "Shammah"

Born: Georgetown, Guyana, 1977

Resident: Brooklyn, N.Y.

I began sketching at an early age and later became a barber. After battling against what would have been a nervous breakdown over five years ago, I began to paint as an expression unto God. This was the most difficult time of my life and after struggling, I overcame though the power of Jesus.

Amongst this collection you'll find experiences of love, God's awesome power, and even horrid depression overcome by the joy and triumph of Jesus.

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