Norberto Conti

Curated by Leda Maria

Norberto Conti was born in Buenos Aires, studied Engineering, Mathematics and Art and and moved to Brazil in 1972. By the mid 80's he fell in love with Quantum Physics, a great source of inspiration for the unique blend of art, science and life he displays in his paintings . His impeccable technique adorns a surrealistic view of recurring obsessions like Alice and Bobby Fischer, and Physics.

Obsessed with Alice: Lewis Carroll, author, mathematician, logician and photographer, well known for his fantastic "Alice's adventures in Wonderland" and its sequence "Through the looking glass", was the creator of a magic world that teased my imagination since my early childhood. When, some twenty years ago, I entered the exciting world of quantum physics, I found many of its paradoxes to be reminiscent of Carroll's stunning creations. Many a time, some of the magic of Alice and quantum physics worlds seem to linger on my canvas. So it is no surprise that so much of Alice’s surrealistic presence is displayed in my paintings.

Obsessed with Bobby: Bobby Fischer was one of the greatest world chess champions in the history of the game. More than for its creative, strong yet simple play he captivated me because he stood alone against the apparently invincible Soviet chess empire. Most of all, he impressed me because single-handedly, almost quixotically, he destroyed the soviet plot to continue to dominate the chess world. In my series, which I started shortly after his death, I pay homage to his mental strength, his creativity and his chess magic.

My Heroes: To some, art and science are just different manifestations of madness. When revealed by extreme talent, this madness builds fascinating characters. Such is the case of Dalí, Picasso, Einstein, Heisenberg, Carroll, Cezanne and a long list of true geniuses.

EXHIBITION DATES: December 16, 2011 until January 6, 2012


OPENING RECEPTION: Saturday December 17, 2011 7-10 P.M.

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