Reception 7 to 10 P.M. (0r later) Saturday July 8, 2006.
Exhibition: July 1 - July 31, 2006

This exhibition is located at:
Ward-Nasse Gallery
178 Prince Street
New York, NY 10012

Info: (212) 925-6951

The latest works of artist Olan, entitled 'metamorphosis', an exploration by the artist on the perceptions of feminine beauty, will be held at Ward-Nasse Gallery, 178 Prince Street, New York, for the entire month of July with a 'meet the artist' reception on Saturday, July 8th from 7 until 10 PM.

The show will include mixed media works of such notables as Anne Hathaway, Courtney Love, Kelly Osbourne, RuPaul, Drag performer Lady Bunny, supermodels Linda Evangelista, Erin Wasson and Stephanie Seymour along with works of homeless and working women, transsexuals, female impersonators, androgynous males and mythical mermaids - (none of whom will be pointed out as such) in an effort to explore the societal perception of feminine beauty in art reflecting individuals who create that allure, some by the sheer fact they are born female and others who create the feminine iconic illusion. All of the artists works are created from his own photos of his subjects through digital art combined with hand-painting on canvas.

The show is a presentation by Olan to remind people to 'simply look at one another' in a society where Olan feels the now '5 seconds' of fame and pop stardom rules society through mass media and a societal "been there, done that attitude." This is another project by Olan like his tribute to local bank tellers at Chase Manhattan in New York written about by the New York Times in an article entitled "Tellers in Tangerine" published in 2003 where the artist created art about a segment of society asking the viewer to simply "look more closely at the individual standing beside you."

Such notables as noted columnist Michael Musto, art photographer Patrick McMullan, designer Patrica Field, singer Rufus Wainwright, actor Alan Cumming and retired American Ballet Theatere dancer Susan Jaffe have not only been the subjects of Olan's art but also have Olan art pieces of their own.

It is sure to have the wonderful packed mix of suits, art buyers, club kids, artists and celebs Olan's art show openings have come to be known for since his last exhibitions at Kanvas Gallery Bar and Ward- Nasse last summer which hosted over 300 people along with coverage by wireimage.com, NY Arts Magazine and Next Magazine, (who compared one of his openings to that of Disco 2000 when describing the patrons.) All works are priced around 5,000.


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