Gigi Turker

Gigi Turker's Visions of My World #2

Gigi Turker was classically trained in Turkey at the Istanbul University of Fine Arts. Turker is considered by many to be the "Turkish Degas" because of her elegant depiction of delicate female figures in motion- most often dancers. The dancers and female figures in her paintings mold the space with their bodies. The artist is able to translate this full-blown plasticity onto the flat surface. She uses techniques that create illusions of perspective and depth that are similar to the techniques that dancers use for creating illusions of space within physical movement. In motion or still, the portrayed female figures retain presence and grace. The faces of the women in her paintings are usually obscure: the movement of the body, the mood, the rich and layered texture, the deep and luminous colors is what captivates the artist's imagination.

This exhibition is the second part of Gigi Turker's exhibiton in 2005 at Ward-Nasse Gallery and includes new works by the artists representing dancers, mermaids and female figures.

The exhibition will run from June 3, 2006 through June 30, 2006. Hours are Tuesday through Saturday, 11am to 6pm and Sunday 1 pm to 6 pm. The opening reception is Saturday June 3rd, 3 - 7 pm.

This exhibition is located at the Ward-Nasse Gallery 178 Prince Street New York NY 10011
For further information, please contact Biliana Videnova at: 212 - 925 - 6951 or e-mail to:

The poet Annette Marie Hyder's poems will be sharing the walls with Gigi's paintings. She describes her work as, "every woman stories" told through the eyes of women as disparate as Marilyn Monroe and Mukhtar Mai but that every woman can identify with because of the theme of freedom that runs through these pieces: freedom of religion and belief, of artistic expression, of speech and of opportunity.

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