Steve Lewis

The Course of a Horse

It's an Art Book.

No, it's a Children's Book of Verse.

No, it's a Parenting Tool.

No, it's a Philosophical Treatise.

What is it?

Opening Reception and Benefit proceeds for

The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research

Steve Lewis, artist and physician, author and scientist announces the release of his art illustrated children's book: 'The Course of a Horse' This is the second one-person show of Steve Lewis at the Ward-Nasse Gallery.

Unprecedented, 'The Course of a Horse' takes on a unique role. The healing arts and art as a conceptual field are with the propensity to form a synergy . "Happy" Rockefeller permanently hung the Great Impressionsists at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Hospital.

Earnst Mach termed the "sense experience" as a crutial element in the human condition. This concept influenced Proust, Heisenberg, Einstein and James Joyce. "If people feel better viewing photogaphic expression - the art of medicine has more to offer than a good bed side manner.

"The Course of a Horse" is a children's book, an art book and a parenting guide. A limited edition of the book as well as its illustrations (as large format prints) will be exhibited and available at Ward-Nasse Gallery.

It is a book of children's verse. It is illustrated as an art book. There is a second set of text which serves as a parenting guide. Finally, it is a philosophical treatise. Sure to evoke the interest of children, their care-givers, artists and educators: a book successfully fulfilling so many roles will leave readers questioning 'for whom it tolls'?

The images are magical and narrate the story of a horse that is lost. The verse further tells the story. The photographic medium is digital. A unique set apart second set of text aids the adult participant. While the child's interest is peaked, at a ripe age for learning, a parenting guide is found. It finds center on making good choices in different situations. It leaves room for further editions.

Less expounded upon but deep within both sets of text is a philosophical treatise that bespeaks Eastern and Western values/mores in a non-secular manner. Problems, solving methods, failure, success, loss, heart-ache, grief, gain, joy and wonderment, can all be noted as food for thought and discussion with many blanks filled in by the Horse's Course.

The exhibition will run from May 4, 2006 through June 6, 2006. Hours are Tuesday through Saturday, 11am to 6pm and Sunday 1 pm to 6 pm. The opening reception is Saturday May 6th, 3 - 7 pm.

This exhibition is located at the Ward-Nasse Gallery 178 Prince Street New York NY 10011
For further information, please contact Biliana Videnova at: 212 - 925 - 6951 or e-mail to:

"The Course of a Horse"

2005 Aardvark Publishing House

Written and Illustrated


Steve Lewis

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