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The Internet Show

February 26 - March 20 , 1999
Opening Reception: FridayFebruary 26, 6 - 9 pm
Curated by Mark Herdter and Geoffrey Homan

The purpose of this show is to both showcase the artists of Ward-Nasse Gallery who have chosen to have their work available on-line via the World Wide Web, and also to bring the web site and the actual artwork of the subscribing artists into the gallery space. While the work on the walls will often be different than the artist's work on-line, the web site will be prominently available to visitors of the show and other gallery members.

Since its inception our web site has attracted many visitors world-wide and received recognition from several quarters as a top-rated draw on the World Wide Web. In view of this unprecedented success, we are mounting an exhibition dedicated to the artists who have made it all possible.

We at the gallery we feel that our web site is the wave of the future and we want the world to know it. We want this exhibition be representative of the fine work that has made the site so popular. and we know that it will encourage other artists to become involved as well.

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