"Cut from the Same Cloth" by Sofi Ona Hamer

Through the Looking Glass:

Reflections on Self

April 25 - May 17, 1997
Opening Reception: Friday April 25, 6-8pm
Curated by Fiona Hamer

"What we want most, is on the mirror inside, looking out through the mask..."

"I have always been fascinated with the motivation and anthropological conditions of the human species. I remember as a child, reading Lewis Carroll's "Alice Through the Looking Glass" and being seduced by the inifinite realm of the imagination. I spent most of my youth observing the world around me in my extreme shyness. My vision for this show is to encourage the participating artists to capture their own psyche or inner persona, often disguised by social conditionning and fear. In each of us, many selves are at war-the old and the new. All our lives the fight goes on between them. In our own hands lies the power to shed the skin that's grown too tight."

A group show of artists whose reflections on self go beyond the looking glass to capture the essence / psyche of the self, metaphorically or introspectively.

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