Sculpture details by L. J. Palmer

Lost and Found

November 1 - 23, 1996
Opening Reception: Friday, November 1, 6-8pm
Show curated by Gary Jurysta.

Marcel Duchamp in defining the term, "Found Object" stated that the artist doesn't simply stumble upon and collect any object but "selects" from the abundance of "lost" material available. "Lost and Found" curated by Gary Jurysta will bring together a cross-section of reclaimed objects aesthetically transformed into assemblages, sculptures, collages, and mixed-media pieces from over twenty artists. With the onset of the legislation of recycling, we have become obsessed with personally handling our own waste. Although recycling maybe the most wasteful activity of time, money, human and natural resources, artists have taken to the streets and dumpsters to salvage less costly art materials for their own innovations. Come join us at the show and see what art has found.

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