Lines of Descent

April 24 - May 19, 1996
Opening Reception: Friday, April 26, 6-8pm
Curated by Fiona Hamer and Isabel Dominguez

The works to be exhibited in "Lines of Descent" depict issues, memories, images and values relating to the family and/or ancestral lineage; as well as addressing public awareness issues of domestic violence, dysfunction, alienation and disintegration of the global family unit. The show hopes to reflect the infrastructure of society i.e. family community being its ultimate foundation.

Alaire New York . Alden New York . Burgess Canada . Capriola New York . Clague New Jersey . Dawson New York . Dominguez El Salvador . Douris New York . Ekros New York . Elder New Zealand . Girgis Egypt . Hamer England . Hanks Connecticut . Haza Kansas . Hrab New Jersey . Jno-Baptiste West Indies . Johnston West Indies . Kiederer Austria . Lee Ireland . Lichtenstein New York . Mangan Iowa . Markey New York . Marlis New York . Mendora-Marram Costa Rica . Michel France . Mikkola Finland . Ogilvie Ohio . Ricci New Jersey . Roberts New York . Rogers England . Rojas Colombia . Senetto New York . Shin Korea . Silva New York . Staszak Wisconsin . Villanueva Chile . Vosburgh New York . Vosseller Maryland . Zavocki Newark .

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