Land, Sea, & Dreamscapes

February 29 - March 24, 1996
Opening Reception: March 1, 1996; 6-8pm
Curated by Bonnie Charkey

A group show of artists exploring a personal relationship with Nature and the extension of reality into the surrealistic realm of dreams.

Anders, Atrim, Barkley, Buckner, Burnett, Caso, Charkey, Damie de Echevarria, Eisley, Feitlinger, Forbes, Gary, Go-Go, Gruschow, Hamer, Lachow, Lahtinen, Litchenstein, Kelly, Kovel. Mitchell. Moser, Oelbaum, Poplawski, Preede, Renella, Schallmo, Shecter .Schepis, Serviss, Snyder, Suarez-Anaya, Vlachos-Sekelsky, Watts, Zarre

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