Food for Thought:
Fashioned Forms

January 31 - February 25, 1996
RECEPTION: February 2, 1996; 6-8pm

A joint group show of artists whose work both depicts the use and abuse of food and the personification of fashion through the use of clothes, fabric techniques or representation. As the old saying used to go, you are what you eat.'

Today's scenario focuses more on what you wear. Synthetic substitutions in a consumer based society perpetuates instant gratification without practicing self control or listening to our body's own rhythms. It seems then, what we are, is fake. As the New Year proceeds, many of our resolutions seem to fly out of the window as we continue to be seduced by the commodities of convenience. In essence, these are mere temporary reliefs. Man-made is second hand. The nutritional value of food which aids our natural immunity has been corroded by simulation and substitution in place of the health of our minds; a healthy body is a healthy mind...

Like a modern day farm, we've been artificially reared to inhibit our natural impulses that science will never imitate. We're left vulnerable, exposed and empty to be fed false needs so easily disposed of. Beauty in the fashion world is perceived merely as packaging without any content. Instead of an extension of individuality clothes now form the consumers' packaging, lined on the shelves, conscious of pleasing only the others not ourselves. Real beauty cannot be bought or manufactured.

This show hopes to salvage the spirit and art of the individual whose responsibility lies in our own hands for the real thing. The shift in attitude has to come from us, the public, to question the stereo-types set by producers who profiteer from our abstention. We may want to satisfy our taste, touch and sight but what about the one important sense that is key to our survival, common sense?

Curated by Fiona Hamer.

Breckheimer, Charpentier, Contino, Cue, Dresden, Haidar, Hamer, Harrison, Houston, Ivy, Korn, Knauf, Lahtinen, Marlis, Masako, Olds, Oelbaum, Riley, Saint-Agnes, Schultz, Silva, Tremlett

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